Thursday, 21 August 2014

Never Land

Midnight and all seems old and fetid under bright light; no, not moon light, just the artificial light that every house and business has. It’s the moment you realise that cut price materials look fancy only in the half-light.
If you stop looking around and concentrate on the people, you will, soon, believe that both look alike: pale, precarious and vague faces, bleary due to the lack of sleep. That’s the moment you start wondering what exactly are we doing in such an environment, where furniture and people look like second hand materials.
This bleak image comes first to my mind whenever I think about the Greek situation. Recently we had a government reshuffle and, honestly, we have evolved into a parody: quite a black one.
However, as with every parody, the leading stars aren’t funny any more. I mean, yes, we were laughing with most of the previous ministers, but this was a black humour against despair: if taken seriously, we’d consider suicide; therefore, it was a matter of our survival.
Now though, we are deeply perplexed; no one seems ridiculous any more and, in fact, everything and everyone looks nauseous under the full light. Often used and, again, reused without any purpose, just because he or she will serve best this paranoid era.
The era of inadequate people: our politicians..

The article was first published at Union Solidarity International website: