Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Societe Anonyme

Happy to announce that a whole week passed after the Euro-parliament elections; a week that introduced us to a whole new era; a brave new world.. Indeed, brave and new, well, if we forget all about 30s and 40s.. Should we forget? Is it possible to forget? France seems to do so, quite, easily yet, in fact, it is not only France.. It is the whole Europe.

On one hand, is needless to mention that fascism and Euro-skepticism increased, on the other though, cannot but mention that, supposedly, Second War World gave us (humanity) some wisdom. We realized that fascism destroys and we decided to create a union, the European Union. It was an amazing movement; people from different countries gathered together after the war and tried to find common ground to begin with. France was one of the leaders in that movement and had seemed to overcome the hatred war created; what is more, they were part of a dream, they took pain and violence and turned those into solidarity and unity. Amazing people. Not only French though, all of them, the leaders of that movement. 

Yet, now we are back again to an era that gave birth to animosity and atrocities. I should be fair though, it is not only France; it's all of us. The other day read an article about the first German neo-Nazi MEP, being honest did not finish the article; I felt nausea.. 

Sadly each member state has its own paradigm, yet, fascism is not the only problem; skepticism is an additional one. I sense though, that both problems share common roots and, as a Greek, I know that European Union is not the Union we dreamt of; still, deeply believe that we should work together towards unification. We should demand fairness and equity; all in all, we should work for a better Union. 

Although being a young south-European citizen is sad and painful nowadays, still want and believe in change. Change though, will be the product of us and, I guess, regardless of who we are, we should safeguard the future of future generations. The answer to our problems is simple: Solidarity; otherwise, Europe can and should be renamed to a 'Limit Liability Company' where everybody is in charge but not responsible for the chaos we all are about to create..

The article was first published at Union Solidarity International website: