Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Greek dreams..

After a long period of dreams I found myself in the hard path of waking up. It is a cruel morning without sun. The appropriate question is not whether the sun will come out again but do I have the right on dreaming? I am Greek. I do not have many rights and no future at all. Still, though, I like dreaming. Supposedly dreams are for a better future. Dreams help us develop ourselves. Dreams are our inevitable right. And yet, I am not allowed to dream. Please do not ask me the reason. I am not the responsible one for reasons. I just follow orders. The orders of an oppressed power. This power, as every power, is frightened of loosing its privileges. Its recognition. Hard thing to be powerful nowadays.. 
But let me narrate you a story. Not once upon a time but just a few months ago I was in a big zoo. There were not many sightseeings in the city I was visiting and this zoo seemed a good idea. There were different types of birds, snakes and turtles. Some elephants, hippopotamus and flamingo. Everything seemed so interesting. I was reading their info with eagerness and all of a sudden I was in front of a technical environment made just for a tiger. At that moment, like I was blind before, I was able to see the real zoo. The fake enviroment. The depressed environment. The tiger seemed to me as the most sad animal I have ever seen. It was walking around like a mad-paranoid human in an asylum. Always in the same direction, always in the same circle. I felt betrayed. I felt shame. Suddenly the tiger stopped and sat down in the middle of the fake dessert. I waited for the animal to change position. To act, to scream! I suppose now that I was the one who had the responsibility of screaming, of acting. But I just left. Run out from that zoo and tried to forget..