Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I feel the need of celebration. A "black" celebration.. The leaders of my country are sick, the first suffers from his eyes, the second from his stomach and the third from being too.. polite. Weird combination, huh? We are a weird nation who used to be unique. Quite harsh change.. 

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Future against Reality

Last days I read dramatical, sometimes offensive, articles and opinions from journalists, politicians and economists. Situation is more than hard. Not only for us, the Greeks, but for the whole world. It is tragic though that we, by "we" I mean the 99% of this planet, are separated into different influence zones. Speaking about myself, it is sad to feel like being a Jew back in Germany during 30s and 40s. Humanity should have had overcome this period and become, at least, wiser. We are pushed again to fight each other when we have so little to argue for. I could say that this is a paranoid game played by serious criminals all over the world, mostly the west world. Being honest, I feel that Greece did a serious mistake. We generously gifted our culture. What happened? The most degrading rape of history that leaded to west "culture". And as I read (I think from Nadine Gordimer) before some years ago: "west subculture"; that is now asking (through bankers-rapists) to pay for being humans. Not only from east world but from the whole world. I fear that our future is preconceived unless solidarity will become a new purpose between nations. Regardless of what bankers and politicians claim, we (the 99%) have to answer a crucial question: what we really want for our future?