Thursday, 21 August 2014

Never Land

Midnight and all seems old and fetid under bright light; no, not moon light, just the artificial light that every house and business has. It’s the moment you realise that cut price materials look fancy only in the half-light.
If you stop looking around and concentrate on the people, you will, soon, believe that both look alike: pale, precarious and vague faces, bleary due to the lack of sleep. That’s the moment you start wondering what exactly are we doing in such an environment, where furniture and people look like second hand materials.
This bleak image comes first to my mind whenever I think about the Greek situation. Recently we had a government reshuffle and, honestly, we have evolved into a parody: quite a black one.
However, as with every parody, the leading stars aren’t funny any more. I mean, yes, we were laughing with most of the previous ministers, but this was a black humour against despair: if taken seriously, we’d consider suicide; therefore, it was a matter of our survival.
Now though, we are deeply perplexed; no one seems ridiculous any more and, in fact, everything and everyone looks nauseous under the full light. Often used and, again, reused without any purpose, just because he or she will serve best this paranoid era.
The era of inadequate people: our politicians..

The article was first published at Union Solidarity International website:

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Societe Anonyme

Happy to announce that a whole week passed after the Euro-parliament elections; a week that introduced us to a whole new era; a brave new world.. Indeed, brave and new, well, if we forget all about 30s and 40s.. Should we forget? Is it possible to forget? France seems to do so, quite, easily yet, in fact, it is not only France.. It is the whole Europe.

On one hand, is needless to mention that fascism and Euro-skepticism increased, on the other though, cannot but mention that, supposedly, Second War World gave us (humanity) some wisdom. We realized that fascism destroys and we decided to create a union, the European Union. It was an amazing movement; people from different countries gathered together after the war and tried to find common ground to begin with. France was one of the leaders in that movement and had seemed to overcome the hatred war created; what is more, they were part of a dream, they took pain and violence and turned those into solidarity and unity. Amazing people. Not only French though, all of them, the leaders of that movement. 

Yet, now we are back again to an era that gave birth to animosity and atrocities. I should be fair though, it is not only France; it's all of us. The other day read an article about the first German neo-Nazi MEP, being honest did not finish the article; I felt nausea.. 

Sadly each member state has its own paradigm, yet, fascism is not the only problem; skepticism is an additional one. I sense though, that both problems share common roots and, as a Greek, I know that European Union is not the Union we dreamt of; still, deeply believe that we should work together towards unification. We should demand fairness and equity; all in all, we should work for a better Union. 

Although being a young south-European citizen is sad and painful nowadays, still want and believe in change. Change though, will be the product of us and, I guess, regardless of who we are, we should safeguard the future of future generations. The answer to our problems is simple: Solidarity; otherwise, Europe can and should be renamed to a 'Limit Liability Company' where everybody is in charge but not responsible for the chaos we all are about to create..

The article was first published at Union Solidarity International website: 

Friday, 28 February 2014

Well.. The experiment (4)!! - "Overseas"..

I was wondering today what would be the future of Ukraine; you see, its not only Greece that lives with illusions.. Yet, nobody or almost nobody knows about Bosnia - Hercegovina (, where it seems that violent protests against the government are taking place as well, for a long period now. However, we (europeans I mean) speak only about Ukraine and, apparently, accept and support a fascistic opposition that now is about to be the next government. I am extremely concerned with the future of Europe, sometimes I fear that 30s are back; yet, other times I feel that I am exaggerating, am I though?

Bosnia Hercegovina is a great paradigm of our hypocrisy; government is supported by the EU and most probably that is the main reason that protests are not in the news massively. What, though, concerns me the most is not only the future of Ukraine, Bosnia and EU, neither the hypocrisy; but, mainly, how EU officials will, in fact, come face to face with fascists and congratulate them for being fascists. The image of EU leaders together with the fascist leaders of Ukraine simply horrors me..

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Experiment (3)!! - It seems that stupidity cannot be over..

In case you are interested enough in the elite's outrageous attitude against the rest of the planet, then, I suggest that you should read the following article from The Guardian about Greece; it introduces us to some recent thoughts of madame Lagarde..

Monday, 17 February 2014

The experiment (2)!!

Time to turn off my sarcastic mode and write about my personal illusions regarding my country; a country that, in fact, does not exist anymore. It is extremely painful and discouraging to deal with a "ghost" country and belong in a lost generation. A generation that is jobless and struggles to survive every single moment; a generation without future. Some of us made it possible to leave, but, most of the greek youth is 'prisoned' back home.

It is ironic though, that I tend to forget that I am also prisoned in my own illusions so far away from my "ghost" country. Yet, it is extremely painful to observe and being able to 'see' beyond statistics and fancy declarations, therefore, I tend to live in a fantasy world. I woke up every morning, somewhere else, having the opportunity to live and create a future, however, sometimes when I need to have a backup-a plan B; simply, I am alone. What I mean by that? Think that you are an orphan and nobody cares about you; no family; no friends and relatives. What can you do? Rely on yourself, of course. However, there are moments where I would love to think that there is a piece of land-a country that will always support my rights, my existence.. I feel betrayed and I am quite sure that most of the Greek youth feels the same. 

Since september 2013, I have not published anything, mainly, because I wanted to wait. Many occurred since then; most of them tragic and extremely painful. People were killed, murdered and burned alive in the name of austerity. Children lost basic rights, such as education and every day food. Terror is structured through media and politicians, whilst, options and choices are forbidden by the ones who created the problem and now claim themselves to be the savors. A paranoid scenery made by some in order to serve better themselves and, even though, I am far, still, I am part of this paranoia. I feed this paranoia by leaving, I support this paranoia by accepting others decide about my future, but, what is more painful, I slowly turning myself to a creature without feelings-without empathy.. 

Is this myself??

Saturday, 15 February 2014

The experiment!!

Hello, my name is.. hmm.. well, you can call me as you wish; it is not important anyway. What is important is that I live with illusions. Fortunately, not only me but whole nations; more or less most of the planet. Planet earth I mean (I do not know what is going on elsewhere..)!! My intentions though, are not to describe the illusions of planet earth in general but rather focus on a specific place of this planet-quite ancient and extravagant (due to some recent estimations) and describe it's national illusions.

Can't you guess? No? I speak about Greece, a small country in the south of Europe and in the heart of Balkans. I suppose you all must or should know about Plato, Aristotle or Thucydides and, of course, the new, in our era, ones: Samara, Venizelo, Michaloliako and plenty more. All of them great as the ancient ones.. well, at least they claim themselves to be so; specially Michaloliakos, the leader of the authentic Greeks (blood and DNA checked, period). Yes, this is the Man and his men are even better, not to mention their names-you are welcome to search; after all, all of them are great and making us proud. What is more, all of them are cultured, have a great knowledge of everything and anything and, more importantly, are sensitive-kind human beings-in love with humanity.

Well, you see, their great lifestyle paradigm is followed by our respectable government; note that Greece has a coalition which rules for the moment: neo-liberal conservatives (some of them were part of the military junta in 1967) along with socialists (right now they are trying to figure out if they, still, are socialists); magical combination! It is, indeed, a success story with great results, actually now they are about to produce a great primary surplus. There is a tiny, little, problem though, some evil people inside and outside of this glorious country along with some international organizations and institutions cannot believe them. What can I say? It is a tragedy, like the ancient ones, whilst, these great people are saving Greece, others are opposing their "Holy Fight". I feel for them and pray every single day for their well being, whereas on the other, I curse all the opponents who insist that Greece suffers a humanitarian crisis. It is an outrage, how can they claim such a lie!

In Greece there, might, be some problems but people are fine. They are not losing their jobs; youth does not immigrate in order to survive; nobody suicides; homeless people, simply, do not exist; children have, every single day, plenty of food to eat; electricity is not a luxury; people are not burned alive in order to warm themselves; heating oil is extremely cheap and, the most important of all: democracy and freedom-specially freedom of speech is valued and preserved. Indeed, none of the journalists or simple people who report reality or express their personal opinion face justice and, nobody was murdered thanks to police; they protect everyone..

As you can see, I, fully, endorse the official doctrine; after all, we share the same illusions..

PS Next: more about Greek Youth illusions..